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Tooth Extractions—A Simple Step Toward Improved Oral Health

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Does My Child Need a Tooth Extracted?

Early loss of a baby tooth can cause misalignment of the erupting permanent teeth and could create bite problems. If a tooth can be saved, we prefer to keep it viable with a procedure that’s called a pulpotomy. We extract teeth as a last resort, but in cases where your child’s health may be at risk, we will recommend a simple and safe tooth extraction. At times, we perform a tooth extraction simply to make room for an erupting adult tooth. No matter the situation, you and your child do not need to fear the tooth extraction procedure.

Dr. Santos Talks About Tooth Extraction

Reasons for a Tooth Extraction

  • Tooth damage due to a traumatic injury
  • Extreme tooth decay
  • Save gum health
  • Allow teeth to shift properly
  • Crowding other teeth
  • Severely fractured tooth

Improving Oral Health One Tooth at a Time

A tooth extraction can ease the pain of a toothache, but can also ensure that decay does not cause problems with surrounding teeth, gums, or the jaw bone. When a baby tooth is extracted prematurely, a space maintainer is indicated to avoid adjacent teeth from moving into this space and blocking the permanent tooth in the future. If dental trauma leads to a fractured or damaged baby tooth, removing the tooth may eliminate pain and protects the gums from infection. In the case of crowding, a tooth extraction can create a bigger space for adult teeth, and can help a pediatric dentist or orthodontist encourage better positioning of permanent teeth in preparation for orthodontic treatment. In every case, we will only recommend a tooth extraction if it will improve the oral health of your child.

Attentive Care Aimed at Minimizing Pain

Dr. Maribel Santos-Cordero performs tooth extraction procedures on a routine basis and is skilled at providing care that minimizes pain and anxiety for your child. Whether a damaged baby tooth or to allow teeth to shift, your child’s tooth extraction will be simple, fast, and virtually painless. In cases of extreme anxiety or short attention spans, we offer sedation dentistry solutions based on your child’s needs.

A tooth extraction may be a necessary step toward better oral health. Call us today!

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