7315 Merchant Court
Sarasota, FL 34240

" I can't express how much you have meant to us over the years - the kindness, patience and gentleness extended to Matthew have been an amazing blessing to us.  Rarely have we found health providers with such exceptional characteristics.  Highest Regards and Fondest Wishes..."  Jean

"We travel a long way to your office because we love you guys.  You are so great with the kids that it is worth the drive.  Before, they had a bad experience and did not like going  to the dentist.  Now, they do not mind it at all.  Thank you!"    Beverly

"We really appreciate the care and concern from Dr. Santos and the entire staff.  You all are wonderful with children! Thank you for making this a fun place to come."    Laurie

" Dr. Santos,  you are a true blessing!  Everyone at your office is amazing - from the front office to the back.  I could never repay you for giving my children great memories of the dentist! Thank you. "   Glorianne

"Dr. Santos: The morning after we had come to see you for Sadie's emergency she woke up and said "Mommy, I love the dentist".  What a great feeling! You are great at what you do; not only in business but in heart too.  Thank you so much for taking us in and providing us excellent service as always.  We appreciate you and your staff."  Shannon 

"Thank you for your willingness to serve!  With your help we were able to meet the dental needs of the Samoset Community.  Your generosity was appreciated.  You're awsome!"  Tim Passmore - Woodland The Community Church

"The thing I like most about Dr. Santos is that you can tell she cares about her patients.  She spends time explaining everything she is doing and making sure not only the children understand the details but the parents as well." :)  Courtney

“My son was so frightened of the dentist that we knew we needed a change.  Dr. Santos was like an angel.  Not only did the fear go away but our children now look forward to their dental visit.  They are treated as the precious gifts they are. ”   Sharon

“Everyone at Dr. Santos’ office is always warm, friendly and helpful.  I feel like they know me and all my children well.  The office is full of smiling kind people.”    Tara 

"Dr. Santos and her staff are wonderful and like family.  We have been coming to see her since 2005 and will not go anywhere else."  Ann

"Thank you so much for everything you do for Adam.  Claudia is so caring and gentle with him.  She really goes out of her way to talk him through each step.  Dr. Santos, you are the icing on the cake - professional yet also compassionate and caring! Thank you"  Deborah

“Well, what an awesome experience! I’ve never been a big fan of dentists and that’s probably because of bad ones I’ve had when I was younger.  Seeing how my daughter never looked scared; that just said it all.  She looked comfortable and happy.  Thank you Dr. Santos so much for making my daughter’s first dental visit the best one yet!”   Ernesto 

“Thank you so much for taking such great care of my boys.  Your staff is wonderful.  We love coming to your office!”   Jennifer 

“I so much appreciate the kind and gentle attention that you gave to my little granddaughter.   She is proud of her crown and is making sure to brush and floss whenever she has sweets.  Thank you again!”   Gracie 

"We just want to express our thanks to you and your staff on our visit yesterday.  We had a great experience from beginning to end.  Everyone in your office was very friendly and professional.  We'll both be doing our homework!  Thank you for everything.  We hope to see you soon. G.B.Y. "    Steve and Caleb

"I love that she (Dr. Santos) listens and understands what I say."  Garrett P. (12 y/o)

"I have lots of fun!" Emma K. (6y/o)

"My favorite part of the dentist is the tickle brush"  Savannah C. (7 y/o)

"All my friends say 'I don't like the dentist' but I love my dentist"  Avalon J. (9 y/o)

" The best dentist office ever.  I never want to leave!"     Charlotte P. (5y/o)

" Dr. Santos is truly a star in Gracie's life. In fact, she is included in night time prayers along with mom, dad, dutchess and oreo!"   Patty P.

" Dr. Santos is a caring and knowledgeable dental professional.  She is considerate of our son's sensory processing challenges and takes time to explain everything to him and make him comfortable". Allison L.

"Dear Dr. Santos:  I would like to thank you for the opportunity of shadowing you.  I've realized how much you truly enjoy your job, and I am very admirable of that.  I was truly honored and appreciative to connect with you and your humorous staff on a more personal level.  You guys make working enjoyable.  Now I feel like I have a stronger support team (besides my family) that is pushing me to reach my dreams" Janaye B.

" I'm really glad I went to this dentist.  I can't wait to come back again.  I can't wait to see my teeth all fixed and not bothering me anymore when I eat."  Ilisha S.  (11 y/o)

"What a wonderful experience for Amy (and mom)!  Thank you for truly caring about us - we felt it.  God Bless." Linda 

" I had horrible dentists growing up and was always afraid to go. Even as an adult, I'm still terrified! Dr. Santos has been amazing for my son and has been so kind.  I wish I had her growing up."  Heather

"Thank you for helping with my son's dental needs.  I appreciate and love your very professional staff.  Everyone from the front desk when you walk in to the girls in the back.  GREAT OFFICE!!"  :)  Cynthia D.

"We felt very welcome. The assistant was very patient and sweet and Dr. Santos spent lots of time with me.  I didn't feel at all rushed.  It was a wonderful experience.  Thank you all so much."  :)   Margaret H.

"Just a note from someone who cares very much about you!  Always remember that when the Lord put angels on this earth, He knew where to place each one.  Thank you all for being angels in one location for my family.  God bless you all"  The Battle-Ross Family

"We had specific concerns and the entire staff rallied to make my daughter feel welcomed and comfortable.  We are so grateful we found you!"  Nicole W.

"I appreciate the detail Dr. Santos gave me on my questions.  I learned a lot! Thank You!" Sue B.

"Dr. Santos has been an absolute angel! My son and I had a horrific experience at a previous dental office.  When we found Dr. Santos, it was a blessing! She has been amazing.  I will recommend her to every person I know and will never go to another dentist for my son!  Thank you again."  Lindsay S.

"Dr. Santos, Thank you so much for everything you have done for my son.  You are wonderful person and I love your staff." Karen M.