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Reestablishing a Healthy Dental Foundation

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Safeguarding Teeth from Future Problems

How well a child’s baby teeth are cared for can affect the health of their adult teeth later. While we believe in preventive dentistry and strive to keep your child’s teeth healthy from day one, cavities or other problems may still occur. Without the proper preventive or restorative care, these minor issues can lead to more severe oral health concerns that will need more extensive treatment later on. Our office is equipped with many dental technologies that can help catch issues early on, but in the case of damage or decay, our restorative services are designed to help bring your child’s smile back to a functional state.

Kids Needing Restorative Services in Sarasota FL

Primary Teeth Need Care As Well

While it is true that primary teeth will eventually fall out and be replaced by permanent adult teeth, this does not mean that their care should be ignored. Keeping baby teeth healthy as long as they are present ensures that your child’s mouth is healthy and prepared for when their adult teeth erupt. Restorative services like white fillings and dental crowns can help safeguard these baby teeth until they fall out. We will work with you to help your child maintain good oral health during the transition between the eruption of their baby teeth and the arrival of their adult teeth.

Our Restorative Services

  • White Composite Fillings

    We offer tooth-colored fillings that are made of BPA-free resin-based composite material. This option is metal-free, mercury free and a more natural alternative to amalgam (“silver”) fillings.

  • Dental Crowns

    Both stainless steel and white zirconia dental crowns help restore function and durability to a tooth that has been cracked, chipped, or severely damaged by decay.

  • Root Canals (pulpotomy)

    A pulpotomy, or “baby root canal,” is necessary when decay has reached the nerve of a tooth. During the procedure, the diseased nerve is removed from the crown portion of the tooth, and the tooth is capped with a crown.

  • Teeth whitening

    Occasionally, patients may wish to whiten their teeth in general or after orthodontic treatment is complete. We offer teeth whitening for our teenage patients.

  • Tooth Extractions

    In cases of extreme decay and when a tooth can no longer be restored,  a tooth extraction may be necessary to keep bacteria from spreading to surrounding tissues and teeth. If a primary tooth is over-retained, or not allowing for a permanent tooth to erupt, it may also need to be removed.

  • Space Maintainers

    When a child loses a baby tooth early due to decay or injury, other teeth could shift into the empty space thus blocking the future permanent teeth. The result is crooked or crowded teeth and difficulties with chewing or speaking.  A space maintainer appliance helps hold the space open to avoid these difficulties.

Restoring Oral Health Safely

We strive to make our office as green as possible by providing our patients with eco-friendly dental technologies that improve procedures and minimize exposure to harmful materials. From minimal-radiation digital x-rays to less invasive laser dentistry and natural composite (“white”) fillings, you can be confident that your child will receive care that improves their oral health and experiences with a pediatric dentist. If your child is in need of restorative services, we are here to bring health back to their teeth and smile in the safest and most comfortable way possible!

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