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Pediatric Dental Disease is America’s most common chronic childhood illness.

  • Cavities can form at any age.  Despite parents best efforts, 60% of children will have a cavity or filling between the ages of 5-9y/o. 
  • Cavities, gum disease and other mouth conditions can cause millions of children pain so severe that it affects their ability to eat, sleep and learn, communicate and thrive.
  • Children with Early Childhood Caries may be severely underweight because of pain and disinclination to eat.  Nutritional deficiencies during childhood can interfere with remembering, problem solving and decision-making process.
  • The mouth can harbor germs that may be aspirated, resulting in airway infections. 
  • Dental caries is 5x more common than asthma.

Healthy teeth are fundamental to the overall health and development of a child.  Prevention begins with knowledge.  The more you know, the more you can help. 

Together we can  Make a Difference ONE CHILD AT A TIME.

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