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Eliminate Pain, Restore Health

A tooth infection is a serious concern, but unlike adults, it can be difficult for children to verbalize that they are experiencing tooth pain. Children are at a greater risk for developing toothaches or abscesses, so In addition to routine pediatric dentist appointments, regularly checking the inside of your child’s mouth can help catch tooth infection in its early stages. If a child is suffering from a toothache, it is most commonly related to a bacterial infection below the tooth surface that will require nerve treatment. A pulpotomy is a procedure used to save a badly decayed tooth when a cavity has already reached the nerve. It is sometimes called a “baby root canal,” for it is more commonly performed on baby teeth. Bacteria must be removed from inside the tooth in order to prevent or alleviate an abscess or infection. The purpose of a baby root canal is to eliminate your child’s pain and restore the health of the tooth.

Child in Need of Root Canal in Sarasota FL

Signs of Tooth Infection

  • Dark-colored tooth
  • Swollen or red gums
  • Swollen neck or jaw
  • Verbalized complaint of pain
  • Loss of appetite or weight
  • Fever, nausea, or vomiting
  • Chronic bad breath

Reduce Health Risks with Timely Treatment

Even if you believe that your child’s tooth pain may not be the result of infection, do not delay a visit to the pediatric dentist. It is better to discover your child does not need a baby root canal than for the infection to spread further. Without proper treatment, an infection inside a tooth will begin to spread to surrounding teeth, and may eventually spread to other areas of the body. In addition to the tooth pain caused at the source, an infected tooth can cause a child to lose weight, experience fever and other illnesses. Timely baby root canal therapy can help your child stay protected from more serious complications as it eliminates your child’s toothache and greatly reduces the risk of tooth loss.

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The Pulpotomy Procedure

Baby root canal therapy is a simple procedure. First, the cavity is accessed and removed all the way to the most inner part of the tooth, the pulp chamber. The diseased pulp tissue is removed and disinfected with antibacterial solutions. The empty space is filled with medicated filling and the remaining tooth structure is sealed off. Finally, we will cap off the tooth with a dental crown as an added layer of protection and durability. Though treatment is completed under local anesthesia, we offer sedation dentistry options if necessary. A pulpotomy is performed only when the inflamed pulp is confined to the crown and the tooth can be restored. If it’s too damaged or weak, an extraction may be necessary.

Trust in Over Twenty Years of Pediatric Dental Care

Baby root canal therapy is a common procedure at our office and we are experienced in both the procedure and helping children feel relaxed throughout their appointment. Dr. Maribel Santos-Cordero is a board-certified pediatric dentist with both extensive training and experience in treating children of all ages, including those with special needs. With over twenty years of specialized experience, Dr. Santos-Cordero is equipped to provide the most qualified and effective dental care for your child.

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