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Comprehensive, Specialized Pediatric Dentistry

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Quality, Comfortable Dental Care

Children that enjoy their dental experiences now will be more likely to attend and enjoy their dental appointments as adults. Our mission is to provide comprehensive pediatric dental care at one office, so your child can receive high quality care in an atmosphere that encourages their participation and helps them feel calm and comfortable. From sports mouthguards to orthodontics and emergency dentist appointments, we offer comprehensive services specialized to the oral health needs of your growing and developing child.

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Our Comprehensive Services

Additional Services Sarasota, FL

Composite Fillings

We offer metal-free, biocompatible composite fillings, which are safer and more natural-appearing restorations for decayed teeth. They can be used to fill a space after a cavity removal or to reshape or recolor worn or discolored teeth.

Additional Services Sarasota, FL


We will monitor the development of your child’s teeth and jaw bone as they grow to determine when orthodontic treatment should begin. Dr. Maribel Santos-Cordero is trained in orthodontics, but we may refer your child to a specialist for care.

Additional Services Sarasota, FL

Sports Mouthguards

We provide custom-fit mouthguards for children who play any contact sports. Mouthguards also protect teeth with braces to avoid injuries to the gums and cheeks.

Additional Services Sarasota, FL

Dental Sealants

We encourage dental sealants for patients whose back molars have deep ridges and grooves that are more susceptible to disease and decay. Sealants are a safe plastic material painted onto the teeth, then hardened and sealed with a “curing” light.

Additional Services Sarasota, FL

Teeth Whitening

Occasionally, patients may wish to whiten their teeth in general or after orthodontic treatment is complete. We offer teeth whitening for our older patients.

Additional Services Sarasota, FL

Emergency Dentistry

We provide emergency dentist appointments if your child experiences dental injuries, including chipping a tooth or getting a tooth knocked out. Contact our office if this occurs, or go immediately to urgent care if your child has a traumatic dental accident.

Dr. Santos Talks About Treating Dental Emergencies
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Specialized Care for Unique Patients

Dr. Maribel Santos-Cordero has over two decades of experience in a wide variety of dental services. A board-certified pediatric dentist, Dr. Santos-Cordero also has specialized training in caring for the unique health needs of children, adolescents, and children with special needs. We provide custom treatment with a focus on educating you and your child, and encourage your questions and comments. From your child’s first dental appointment, we strive to provide highly specialized and effective oral health care that helps your child maintain beautiful, healthy smiles as they grow.

Your child receives specialized and comprehensive care with us!

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